Occupy Is Not Dead: A New Call for an Engaged Spirituality

People argue whether Occupy was successful and whether it is still around. To us, Occupy is not over. It is just beginning. Occupy is about intuition for justice that this new generation is sensing and giving birth to through their courage. Revolutions will come and go. Movements will change names and forms. But what is emerging in people's hearts will continue. Most likely it will continue quietly, in small communities, among friends, mostly unacknowledged by the dominant media. It will continue quietly creating a counterpoint to all the institutions and power structures, eventually moving the center of life from values that no longer serve life to relationships that nourish and celebrate life. The skeptics will be surprised. We can promise you that!

We discuss this and more in our book, Occupy Spirituality: A Radical Vision for a New Generation, where young adults speak their minds about interspirituality, spiritual practices that work for them, the marriage of contemplation and action and their pursuit of a life of purpose and alternative economics and new monasticism.

Following is a video of our dialog with Episcopal Bishop Marc Andrus about the values and spirituality of the occupy generation.

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