Occupy Joe Walsh's Office: Congressman Avoids Chicago-Area Protesters In D.C. (VIDEO)

A group of protesters from the Chicago area in Washington, D.C. for the "Take Back the Capitol" week of action paid a visit to U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh's office Tuesday afternoon -- and the Tea Party congressman did not seem happy to see them.

The protesters included at least two people from Walsh's district in Chicago's northern suburbs, but he refused to see the group, which included members of SEIU Local 73, Occupy Chicago, Stand Up! Chicago and SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana, according to an SEIU organizer.

Around noon, a Walsh aide told the group of about 23 that Walsh was busy but would possibly be able to see them later in the afternoon. The group gathered outside the office to wait.

Think Progress reports on what happened next:

... despite repeated insistence that he would meet with them around 3 PM, Walsh decided to flee from the protesters around 3:20 instead, avoiding meeting with them altogether.


Walsh took off without saying a word.

Aides reportedly told the group that the congressman had votes, but Occupy Chicago organizer Micah Uetricht told Think Progress that "they were fully aware of this when they suggested he would meet with them at 3."

The group wanted to talk to Walsh about avoiding cuts to Medicare and Social Security, an SEIU organizer told the Huffington Post.

"Take Back the Capitol" week has brought thousands of demonstrators from throughout the country to D.C. to protest Congress's "catering to the 1 percent instead of representing the 99 percent," according to WMAL.

Walsh will be in Chicago Thursday, where he will finally announce which district he will run in next year. After Illinois redistricting pushed Walsh's current 8th District into a more liberal area, he said he would run in the 14th District against fellow Republican Randy Hultgren -- but has since changed his tune. He will announce which district he has chosen at a Chicago Tea Party meeting.

"Whether you call them tea party members or just frustrated, patriotic Americans, this group of individuals is growing," Walsh said in a statement regarding Thursday's announcement. "They are fed up and want change now. I can think of no better place to announce important news concerning my re-election than in front of these folks at the Chicago Tea Party meeting."

Check out Think Progress's video of Walsh "fleeing the 99 percent" here: