Occupy Las Vegas Protests Outside GOP Debate Hall (VIDEO)

LAS VEGAS -- While Herman Cain criticized them during the CNN debate Tuesday night, members of the "99 percent" rallied together outside the hall, waving signs and chanting -- mostly against the seven candidates inside.

"The Republicans want to take us low-income people, they want to take more taxes from us and give to the rich," Las Vegas resident Quenton Gavin said. "They're robbing us for what we don't have."

Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation and an ongoing foreclosure crisis. The GOP debate held there offered few solutions, focusing instead on attacking undocumented immigrants, repealing health care reform, slashing taxes and easing regulations.

"It's just the same broken record," Las Vegas resident Judy Ostapow said. "Deregulate, cut taxes for the wealthy, and this is going to stimulate jobs. Well it hasn't stimulated jobs in all these years that they've had these tax cuts and deregulating and it hasn't done anything. It's just made the problem worse."