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Occupy Miami Targets Art Schools (VIDEO)

The Occupy movement, initially political in scope, has garnered a following in the art world by fighting against galleries' subservience to financial influence. The newest manifestation of Occupy Art World is Occupy Miami's protest at the Miami International Art Institute.

The Occupiers are against the unfair distribution of student loans, as organized by the Education Management Corp.; the corporation, partly owned by Goldman Sachs, allegedly violated the federal government's ban on paying recruiters a commission to enroll students. The Education Management Corp. has denied these allegations.

More than fifty protesters gathered to protest a particular instance of a general discontent: the art world's dependence on financial powers. Even art school, a realm seemingly so distant from Wall Street and its workings, is affected. As one Miami protester put it, "“We don’t believe any of us should be slaves to Goldman.”

Watch the Occupy Miami protestors below: