Occupy National Gathering Wants to Know: Where Are All The Journalists?

Unless there is blood, smoke or threatened police arrests, Occupy consistently complains that mainstream media (MSM) reporters ignore or shy away from social protests and activism - their movement, in particular.

Now, Occupy has come up with a compelling proposition. MSM press won't have to leave their desks, travel to, or search out, worthwhile stories - OWS will gather the story sources in one place and all a reporter has to do is dial in.

On Thursday, July 31, Occupy will host a national press briefing to be held by teleconference between 3-5 p.m. EST. The hosts will be Democracy Watch Media News, Interactive Media Alliance, and the GA Coalition for Canada and the U.S.

According to spokesperson Liz Myers, co-host of the AirOccupy Radio Program, the purpose of this call is to connect journalists with activists who are doing "interesting things" all across the continent.

Those "interesting things" run the gamut of social issues such as municipal impediments to the exercise of free speech and assembly, human rights, sustainable public policy, everything dealing with abuses of the environment, and the emergence of (and need for) Debtors' Assemblies.

(The trigger point for this teleconference is the Occupy National Gathering 2014 now being held in Sacramento California through this weekend. Who are these people, why are they there, and what are they doing?)

Reporters may want to learn more as to why Claire White of the National Lawyers' Guild will be on hand to help people "Know Their Rights." Hint: NYC, Oakland and Elsewhere Police transgressions as well as Homeland Security's uninvited attentions.

Dean Edwards, coordinating editor of Democracy Watch News, outlines the program:

"The teleconference is structured so that everyone (including any journalist who may want to identify themselves and their outlets), is given one minute to introduce themselves and their cause.

This will be followed by a five-minute segment featuring each activist and allowing him/her to detail their organization and elaborate on what they are doing that is 'newsworthy.' Reporters will then be invited to question the participants; contact information will be provided to anyone interested in pursuing a story."

Dean will have Michael Buell, San Diego live streamer, on site to assist journalists to hook up with the briefing. His and other livestreams will be available to a worldwide audience.

Journalists are advised to preregister for the teleconference in order to have a unique PIN number and the proper phone number by clicking on the link or entering it in a browser. The registration link is here.

Organizers claim that there is material enough for a dozen stories, if not a book. Even accounting for a hoped-for lack of blood, smoke and arrests. Mainstream Media, are you listening? Does your publication care?