Occupy Oakland Shooting: Man Shot Outside Frank Ogawa Plaza (VIDEO)

A man was shot outside the Occupy encampment by Oakland City Hall Thursday evening, witnesses said. He did not survive.

Sources on the scene said four to six shots were fired outside the 12th Street BART station at the intersection of 14th Street and Broadway by Frank Ogawa Plaza, which has served as the epicenter of Occupy Oakland since the group formed more than a month ago. The victim was given CPR by Oakland firefighters before an ambulance drove him away.


Members of Occupy Oakland remained adamant that the incident was unrelated to their movement. "This was not an internal incident," 35-year-old Shake Anderson told the San Francisco Chronicle. "What happened was the result of neighborhood violence. Don't forget, we're in downtown Oakland."

Interim Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan confirmed the victim's death during a press conference, explaining that the a fight transpired between two groups of African American males, during which one pulled out a gun and fired several rounds into the crowd. Protesters interrupted his speech several times, shouting, "Turn the lights on!"

Occupy Oakland's official Twitter account expressed condolences while also distancing itself from the shooting. "This was unrelated to the occupation. Please keep this man in your thoughts," one tweet read.

According to the Bay Citizen, ABC7 News cameraman Randy Davis sustained injuries during the chaotic aftermath, but remained on the scene to continue filming.

Occupy protesters, meanwhile, stood in a line with locked arms so officials could address the situation. Some formed a candlelight vigil nearby, while others packed up and left for the night. SF Weekly reports that Occupy Oakland is planning a peace march for Friday and another vigil for 10pm Thursday evening.

"This is what we are fighting against," the occupiers said during Thursday's General Assembly.

As of Thursday evening, officers had not made any arrests, and the suspect remains on the loose.

Take a look at aftermath video (courtesy of NBC Bay Area) below:

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