Occupy Portland Eviction Deadline Met With Countdown, 'Party', As Demonstrators Defy Mayor's Orders (VIDEO)

A 12:01 deadline to evict public parks was met with cheers, a countdown and thousands of Occupy Portland protestors standing their ground.

Police stood watch as crowds of protestors defied the orders given by Portland, Ore., mayor Sam Adams to leave the parks by midnight Sunday. About two dozen protestors were later arrested, but protestors said the eviction notice brought more support to their movement.

Some demonstrators reportedly held a dance party, while others passed out caviar, the Portland Mercury details.

Many who followed the mayor's orders returned to the parks Sunday morning after seeing others still camped out there, the Portland Oregonian reports. Police worked overnight to clear roads previously blocked off by demonstrators camped in Chapman and Lownsdale squares. Over the next few days, city officials will evaluate the damage done to the parks.

On Sunday, Adams acknowledged the protestors still camped in the parks, but said his orders were to be taken seriously.

"Giving the order that the parks will be closed to the public is putting my foot down. Enforcing will take time," he said in press conference, the Associated Press reports.

Watch the clip above for a glimpse of last night's countdown to eviction.

(Video found via Gawker.)