Occupy Fox News: Protesters' Ad To Air On 'The O'Reilly Factor' (VIDEO)


WASHINGTON -- A team of filmmakers supportive of the Occupy Wall Street protests have taken their message directly to the likely opposition: the viewers of Fox News and Bloomberg Business TV. They've bought commercial time on both networks, as well as a number of other cable channels. On Wednesday night, their ad will air three times during "The O'Reilly Factor."

Over the past weekend, the Occupy Wall Street ad -- which was directed by David Sauvage, who had filmed an ad for the Wall Street Journal as recently as September -- appeared on Fox seven times. It also ran on Bloomberg, ESPN, History International, Outdoor Channel and other cable channels and could be seen by subscribers to DISH network, Direct TV and Verizon Fios.

The first big ad buy came thanks to 168 people donating money online through a crowd-sourcing website called Loudsauce, which facilitates small donations of less than $100. Two more ads are available online, but have not aired on television yet.

According to Loudsauce co-founder Colin Mutchler, the Occupy Wall Street ad will run Wednesday once during the 8 p.m. ET time slot of "The O'Reilly Factor" and twice during the 11 p.m. time slot.

O'Reilly has called the Occupy demonstrators "quasi-socialist" and "loons."

Sauvage said he is seeking more funds to get more ads on air and expand into a full-scale advertising campaign. He has raised $2,665 over the past three days on Loudsauce toward a second media buy.

He said his goal to "shower" Fox News with the spots -- or, as he jokingly referred to it, "occupying Fox News."

"I want to put it in places where you don't expect," Sauvage said. "I'm a big believer with talking to the other side."

The ad creators also specifically targeted Bloomberg Business TV, which is owned by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has not had a warm relationship with the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

"Bloomberg [Business TV] was a good bang for the buck, and given that [Mayor] Bloomberg was not the greatest friend of the movement, I thought it was also fun and ironic," Sauvage said.

While the first ad Sauvage and his team made explained what the protesters wanted, the newest spot, which has not yet aired, highlights raw video Sauvage caught on Oct. 14.

Police are seen attempting to drive on mopeds through a crowd of protesters holding up peace signs in the street. This occurred during a march a few hours after Bloomberg decided not to evict the occupation from Zuccotti Park. Sauvage said he felt it was a climactic moment. He conceded it was illegal for the protesters to be blocking the road, but said they made no move against police as clashes began.

Many of the New York protesters were hesitant about the first ad when it was initially introduced, according to Sauvage. But he said that as he's been down at Zuccotti Park over the past few weeks, the occupiers have come to embrace his work.

"I think as the movement gets increasingly professional and serious, I think they're seeing more and more value in people like me who are working from a professional place," Sauvage said.

WATCH the newest Occupy Wall Street ad that has not yet aired:

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