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Occupy Wall Street Anniversary: Protester Marriage Ends in Divorce

Typically, whirlwind marriages are reserved for celebrities and other members of the "one percent." But not this time.

Occupy Wall Street protesters Emery Abdel-Latif and Micha, who were married last November in Zuccotti Park after knowing each other for a mere six weeks, ended their marriage just a few months after tying the knot, according to Mother Jones.

In honor of the one-year anniversary of OWS on Sept. 17, Mother Jones reporter Josh Harkinson caught up with five occupiers he met last fall, including Abdel-Latif, who told him that he split from Micha last spring.

Abdel-Latif explained that, after being evicted from the demonstration site, the newlyweds moved in with Micha's mother while Abdel-Latif looked for work. Eventually he found a job as a substitute teacher near Philadelphia, but she did not move with him.

"I suspect it was probably my leaving New York [that caused the split]," he said. He also described estranged wife as a "Caucasian Islamophile" who "thought I was more Arab than American -- but that's not the case."

The former couple met while they were both searching for a place to pray in the park and married in a Muslim ceremony.

Click through the slides below to see the Occupy Wall Street couple in happier times.

Occupy Wall Street Wedding

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