Occupy Wall Street Arrests On One-Year Anniversary

Occupy Wall Street Arrests On One-Year Anniversary

Police arrested demonstrators on Monday, the first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, according to several news reports.

The New York Times reports that dozens of protesters were arrested near the New York Stock Exchange.

From the Associated Press:

NEW YORK (AP) — Occupy Wall Street protesters have been marching in small groups around Manhattan's financial district to mark the anniversary of the grass-roots movement.

About a dozen were arrested Monday after sitting on the sidewalk.

Loud chanting and the sound of drums filled the air. The demonstrators clogged traffic. Dozens of police officers and vans lined the streets.

But the protests lacked the heft of last year's Occupy events. Last year there were thousands of protesters. On Monday morning, there were a few hundred at most.

Earlier, they gathered across the street from Zuccotti Park, the site of the movement's birth.

Marches and rallies are planned in more than 30 cities worldwide.

This story is developing. Check back for updates.

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