Occupy Wall Street Comes to Salt Lake City

I live and work in Utah and often there are things about this place I just can't defend. But every now and again there's something around here I can be proud of.

We have draconian liquor laws, we have gerrymandering Republicans, and we have every bit of ridiculous conservative shenanigans you can imagine. But, as of October 6, 2011, the most populous city in the state of Utah joined the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I was there, in the freezing rain as the protest began officially. Protesters gathered at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City and marched through the financial districts downtown, ending their march at a Pioneer Park, where they will be protesting indefinitely in solidarity with the other Occupy Wall Street protesters across the country.

I took some film footage of the event and wanted to share it with you. For 11:00 am on a workday in the freezing rain, the turnout was phenomenal.

Let's hope the rest of the mainstream media catches on.