Occupy Wall Street Protester Arrested For Dumping Feces In Chase Bank

WATCH: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Dumps Feces In Bank

Police arrested a supposed Occupy Wall Street protester for dumping buckets of human waste in a Chase bank on March 14th.

Demonstrators can be seen in surveillance footage spreading what appears to be the mixture of human waste in question, first in a plaza on Nassau and Cedar Streets, and then all over the floor of a downtown Chase.

NYPD tracked down the owner of the van that transported the poop, 25-year-old Jordan Brooks Amos of Philadelphia, and charged him with Unlawful Possession of Noxious Matter and Criminal Possession of a Weapon, after cops discovered stun gun in his van.

An Occupy Wall Street spokesperson responded to the allegations that one of their own would do such a thing, and Kanene Holder told Metro:

"Not all actions against banks are Occupy related," said Kanene Holder, responding to a Metro inquiry. "Occupy Wall Street did not endorse such an action."

"However," she added, "we cannot control the ways in which people are searching for American justice. Big banks stink!"

While Amos was apprehended on March 16th, news of his arrest was announced the day after police clashed with protesters at Union Square, with an email entitled "OWS Human Feces Arrest - It Happens."

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