Occupy Wall Street Growth Map: How Fast Are 'Occupy' Facebook Pages Growing?

How Fast Is The Occupy Movement Growing? (MAP)

From the initial call to occupy Wall Street until the present day, the 'Occupy' movement has grown across the country and spread around the world. Using data from Collective Disorder on different 'Occupy' cities' Facebook pages, The Huffington Post has created a map that shows the movement's increasing popularity over time.

Click the play button on the map to view the movement's growth from October 3 through November 9. Please be patient while the map loads!

NOTES ON THE MAP:The data for this map comes from developer Shane Castlen and the Facebook API. Castlen has been tracking the total number of likes on Facebook pages per day on CollectiveDisorder.com. The data is available from October 3, 2011, so the map does not include prior growth. The first Occupy Wall Street protest occurred on September 17, 2011, in New York City. The Huffington Post was unable to obtain older data on the pages.

The larger the circle size on the map, the greater the number of Facebook likes. The group sizes are plotted on a log scale to illustrate the changes in pages' sizes more clearly. However, this also decreases the apparent differences in size between the largest and smallest pages.

New groups have formed and been discovered since October 3, when page data was first collected. These pages were added to the original data at a later date, which is why some dots pop up in the middle of the animation.

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