Occupy Wall Street Put These 7 Issues In The Spotlight

The ultimate success of what began one year ago in Zuccotti Park may be up for debate, but it's hard to deny that Occupy Wall Street brought attention to many issues that are now at the forefront of American politics.

Income inequality, for example, has become a hot-button political issue in part thanks to exposure brought by Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy's activism has also gone beyond discourse and made a concrete difference, with activists helping homeowners battle unfair foreclosures across the country. For example, with the help of Occupy, 78-year-old civil rights activist Helen Bailey, was allowed to stay in her home indefinitely after facing foreclosure last February.

While the movement's seeming disintegration has been blamed on infighting and the lack of a clear set of demands, Occupy's first birthday is an opportunity to reflect on what the rhetoric of 99 percent has accomplished.

Here are seven key issues raised Occupy Wall Street:

Income Inequality

7 Issues Highlighted By Occupy Wall Street