Occupy Wall Street Map: Where Are The Most Popular Facebook Groups?

How big are the Occupy Wall Street protests on Facebook?

The Huffington Post analyzed the state of activism on Facebook in response to the Occupy Wall Street protests. Over 450,000 Facebook users have joined Facebook pages related to the protests so far.

These Facebook pages, found via DailyKos, show the extent to which Occupy Wall Street activity is sprouting up throughout the country on Facebook.

The main Occupy Wall Street page not surprisingly is the largest page with over 125,000 likes. The next largest pages are based in the progressive strongholds of L.A., Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Portland. The smaller size of the activity in Republican regions bolsters the idea that these groups are largely composed of activists on the left.

The map below exhibits the locations and sizes of the pages.

NOTE: This data is current as of October 6.