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Occupy Wall Street May Day Protest In New York Draws Thousands (PHOTOS) (LIVE BLOG)

Occupy Wall Street protesters converged on Manhattan Tuesday for May Day. Some met in Bryant Park to form a "guitarmy," others gathered in Bushwick for a march across the Williamsburg Bridge, while yet another crowd assembled for a "Wildcat March" in Sara Roosevelt Park downtown. Click here for latest updates.

The Wildcat March made for the most dramatic scenes Tuesday with the NYPD arresting at least 6 protesters. The group, made up largely of anarchists, used "black bloc" methods as they marched through Chinatown, Soho and then North past Houston Street. Gothamist reports that "demonstrators, many clad in black with their faces covered, overturned trash cans and newspaper boxes, and dragged NYPD barricades out into the street." Buzzfeed also reports that black bloc protesters tried to damage photographers' cameras.

By the afternoon, thousands of protesters from across the city had assembled in Union Square for a large, peaceful rally with performances by Tom Morello, Immortal Technique and others.

At 5:30, there will be a "Solidarity March" from Union Square downtown to Occupy's old haunts near Wall Street.

Check out photos from the day's events below:

Policemen arrest Occupy Wall Street part

May Day Protests

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