Occupy Wall Street: Oakland Protesters Arrested As Global Demonstrations Continue [UPDATES]

Occupy Oakland Protesters Arrested LIVE UPDATES

Police in riot gear cleared protesters near city hall in Oakland, California as protests inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests based in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park continued around the world.

Protesters weren't resisting when they were arrested starting around 5 a.m. Tuesday, but police did fire a non-lethal projectile out of a shotgun, according to the Associated Press. Police warned the protesters that they were illegally blocking the plaza before beginning the arrests.

Though some protesters in cities like Oakland and elsewhere may be facing arrests, a sizable minority of Americans support them. Thirty-seven percent of Americans support the protests, according to an Associated Press/Gfk poll released last week, although most Americans say they don't know what the protests are trying to accomplish, a Gallup poll found. The protests have gotten such name recognition that one couple wants to trademark the phrase.

As the group gains popularity they've also been raking in donations, complicating its anti-hierarchical decision making process. The protesters have raised nearly $500,000 in donations and now face the problem of how to best divvy it up.

But the protesters haven't let a little bit of tension over funding get in the way of spreading their anti-income inequality message. On Monday protesters gave other activists bearing the names of big banks a literal haircut in a nod to a practice with the same name in which banks agree to take a smaller than promised loan payment to prevent borrowers from defaulting.

The Zuccotti Park protests have inspired similar demonstrations around the world, pushing China to block terms associated with the movement from various internet sites. In Melbourne protesters clashed with police over the weekend, while protests in Rome turned violent earlier this month.

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