Over Third Of Millionaires Agree 'Occupy' Protesters Make 'Good And Valid' Point: Poll

A new poll indicates that a sizable minority of American millionaires support the Occupy Wall Street protests.

According to the Spectrem Group, 35 percent of surveyed American millionaires -- those with investments of $1 million or more -- agree with the statement "protesters are making a good and valid point."

The findings are based on an October survey of 843 investors.

That percentage closely mirrors a Gallup poll conducted last month finding 37 percent of Americans back the protests.

The degree of support for Occupy Wall Street remains a matter of debate, however. A differing poll by the United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection found a full majority in favor of the movement.

A separate Spectrum group survey also found that close to 40 percent of millionaires say the protesters are anti-capitalist and anti-free market. Close to 30 percent say the protests will be short-lived. But 28 percent of protesters say the protesters will be a factor in the next election.

The Wall Street Journal speculates that the results could show the politically divergent attitudes of the wealthy, "with the rise of more liberal new wealth on the coasts from tech and finance battling Blue State wealth from real estate, commodities and private businesses in the Red States."

These results come on the heels of another Spectrem Group poll showing that the majority of millionaires favor higher taxes on people who make as much as they do. Billionaire Warren Buffett sparked a national discussion on the consequences both good and bad of asking millionaires to pay more when he penned a New York Times op-ed this summer.

A September poll showed the vast majority of Americans support the millionaire's tax proposal included in President Obama's jobs bill.

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