Occupy Wall Street Proposal: Protestor Asks Girlfriend To Marry Him At Liberty Plaza (VIDEO)

"I don't know what's going to happen in this movement, but I hope it's half as successful as our marriage is going to be."

Those were the words out of YouTube user bzdug's mouth after getting down on one knee among protestors at New York's Liberty Plaza to ask his now-fiance, Deb, to "occupy [his] life."

The proposal began with a call for a "mic check" and concluded with Deb's definite "yes," as a crowd of onlookers applauded and congratulated the newly engaged couple.

The Occupy Wall Street protest against corporate greed has spread beyond the streets of New York and into other national and international cities. On Oct. 15, about 1,500 events took place in 82 countries, according to the Occupy Wall Street website.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, a bride and groom didn't let protestors at a local park ruin their wedding pictures. Instead, the couple, who support the movement, invited some of the protestors to be part of the special day.

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