Occupy Wall Street's Oakland Solidarity March Explained By Casey Neistat (VIDEO)

WATCH: Casey Neistat Takes A Closer Look At Last Night's March

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators marched in solidarity for protestors in Oakland who on Tuesday engaged in a violent clash with police authorities attempting to quell the intensity with tear gas and beanbag rounds.

Filmmaker Casey Neistat provides a close and personal look into the solidarity march as protestors walked from Lower Manhattan up Broadway towards Canal Street.

Neistat also had the chance of bumping into Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas, whose impromptu speech condemning police brutality was captured on video and went viral. He also noted that, for the most part, the huge crowd of protesters seemed to march uptown--in the street--without any police presence whatsoever (that changes at the end).

The East Village filmmaker has documented a range of topics including guidelines on when subway riders should pull the emergency cord, explanations on Chatroulette, and testing out Apple's new virtual assistant Siri.

Watch below. Neistat apologizes for the shaky recording due to being chased by a baton waving officer.

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