Occupy Wall Street: 'Spring Training' Shows NYC Protesters Preparing For Busy Season (VIDEO)

Is an American Spring upon us? Can Occupy Wall Street regain its pre-Zuccotti eviction momentum?

It's yet to be seen, but to listen to the active protesters in New York, as the weather warms, Occupy is on the verge of a significant re-emergence.

Every week for the last five weeks, protesters downtown have trained new members in march tactics, organizer George Machado explains in the video below, uploaded to Vimeo by Mo Scarpelli. There are hand signals for getting quiet, "melting," and "civilian." Organizers hope that a more disciplined group of protesters will reflect the movement in a better light, and help avoid conflicts with the NYPD.

"I feel like there was as many police as there people marching," activist Andrew Rodgers said of the recent marches, " so they definitely have themselves more organized too."

Of course, all of this "spring training" is leading up to May Day on May 1st, when Occupy is calling on the 99 percent to hold a general strike across the country.

In the meantime, expect to see protesters downtown, sleeping on the sidewalk.