Tax Dodgers And Occupy Wall Street Protest Bank Tax Evaders Outside Trump Tower (PHOTOS)

In honor of tax day, Tax Dodgers and Occupy Wall Street activists gathered outside the Trump Tower, where apparently the Donald himself is throwing a lavish birthday party for Anne Romney on Tuesday, decked out in baseball attire to "spend the day rubbing elbows with our favorite 1%ers and fellow Tax Dodgers."

The protest was part of a daylong event that also involves a march outside Bank of America, The Paulson Group, and Chase, all companies the activists accuse of evading taxes. A protestor announced to the crowd:

On Tax Day, we wanted to thank all hardworking, taxpaying Americans for helping us win another record-breaking season because we couldn't have done it with out you! Remember? You pay taxes so we don't have to. We're the Tax Dodgers. We're number 1. And by that we mean we're the 1 percent.

Occupy Wall Street conducted a similar costume spectacle in March outside a Mitt Romney fundraiser at the Waldorf-Astoria. Instead of baseball gear, protestors donned grim reaper garments, holding "Job Cutter" scythes.

See photos of the Tax Dodgers below: