OCCUPY: Why It Started. Who's Behind It. What's Next.

OCCUPY: Why It Started. Who's Behind It. What's Next.

OCCUPY. The movement started in early September in a small urban patch on Wall St. and soon the protests spread to other cities -- Los Angeles, Sacramento, Boston, Chicago. It's changed the national conversation, as reflected in the discourse of politics and media. It is perhaps the story of the year.

This e-book chronicles that movement so far. It reflects dozens of original pieces and hundred of liveblogs by The Huffington Post staff. It offers fresh and compelling analysis from Arianna Huffington, Timothy L. O'Brien, Peter S. Goodman and Michael Calderone.

We start with a look at the the roots of the movement, examining the larger issues, such as the financial meltdown and foreclosure crisis, which helped set the stage for OWS. We introduce you to some of the individuals behind the movement and others -- from hitchhikers to college professors -- who joined in. We track the protests geographically and politically. And we conclude by trying to place the movement in a larger context -- and offer some reflections on where it's going next.

It's clear we are only at the beginning, or as Arianna Huffington said in her introduction, "When future histories of Occupy are written, this will be just the first chapter."

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