Occupy Wall Street: 'Right Here All Over' Documents The Protest Community In Zucotti Park (VIDEO)

With all the talk about Occupy Wall Street and what the growing demonstrations mean for the country, it's easy to forget the day-to-day reality of the original protesters occupying that two-acre, privately-owned public space downtown, many of whom have been there for over three weeks.

This beautiful short film, "Right Here All Over" by Alex Mallis and Lily Henderson, documents the burgeoning micro-community inside Zucotti Park— the General Assemblies, the Working Groups, the Comfort Station, the cigarette-roller, the masseuse, the library, the first-aid station, the drum circle, the media center, the food, and all the people working around the clock to maintain a developing national movement.

The film's one of the most intimate glances of Occupy Wall Street yet, and shows protesters prepared to stay in Zucotti for a long time.

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