13 Times The Ocean Didn't Give A Damn About Your Needs

The ocean is a tempestuous beast. It’s 332.5 million cubic miles big, as deep as 15 Empire State buildings on top of each other, and we’ve explored less than 10 percent of it. And now, it turns out there's even an ocean under the ocean!

The point we're trying to make is that we are mere humans and the ocean basically runs the world. Below, 13 times the ocean was completely indifferent to our needs.

1. The ocean doesn’t care about your silly breakfast:

2. It doesn’t care about your smoke break, either:

3. Oh, you went on a cruise? Doesn't care:

4. The vast, 332 quintillion-gallon ocean doesn’t care about your diving partner (who totally survived, by the way):

5. Or these guys either, for that matter.

6. It really doesn’t care about your timeout session.

7. Or about your land boundaries (Oh my god at 2:29).

8. Or about your personal space.

9. Inner peace? The ocean couldn't give a single F.

10. It also doesn’t care about your Adam West Batman, which surprised us.

11. Or, unfortunately, your six GoPro cameras.

12. Did you want to look at whales? The ocean wants to whisper a sweet whale slap in your ear, telling you how much it doesn't care.

13. And what couldn’t smile at this adorable surfing alpaca? The ocean.

You know what the ocean probably cares about, at the end of the day? Plastic. Stop leaving your plastic trash everywhere.



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