Octavia Spencer Explains That Freaked-Out Expression With Obama

"Don't judge me, guys," she said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Oscar winner Octavia Spencer had some explaining to do on “JImmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday.

The host displayed a photo of Spencer with President Barack Obama that had made the rounds recently. Let’s just say the actress looks a tad verklempt.

Spencer, promoting her new movie “Hidden Figures,” told the audience, “Don’t judge me, guys.”

She was at a recent screening of the NASA drama at the White House when the commander in chief popped in, she said.

“Did you know he was coming?” Spencer mouthed to her “Hidden Figures” co-star Janelle Monae, who was hugging first lady Michelle Obama.

It looked something like this:

“So I had that crazy moment,” Spencer said.

We wonder if Spencer told Obama about that time she bet a friend that if Obama won the 2008 election, she’d run naked down the street.

Watch above for the details.



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