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Octavia Spencer Spanx Story Sounds Painful (VIDEO)

Plenty of celebs have confessed to wearing Spanx, from Joan Collins to Tom Hanks in "man Spanx" (yes, he said he's worn them). But Octavia Spencer has out-Spanxed them all with her intense devotion to the shapewear.

The much-decorated "The Help" star dropped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this week to chat about her recent awards shows and share a few hilarious anecdotes. Our favorite included her method of "triple-spanking" on the red carpet.

Yes, wearing three pairs of Spanx at once. Unsurprisingly, it's incredibly painful. Octavia told Ellen:

"Oh, Ellen. Let me tell you, I couldn't party that night because I was being pinched in places I didn't know it was possible! And I ran into Melissa McCarthy, who is in "Bridesmaids" and brilliant and one of my closest friends, and I was like, 'Oh my God, Melissa! I'm about to die! My Spanx are killing me!' She said, 'I just went to the bathroom and took mine off.'"

And Melissa McCarthy, after all, is the Spanx expert. Unfortunately, Octavia and so many women squeeze into the darn things because of their sculpting power. As Octavia put it, "It gives you the illusion of an hourglass with the sand kind of spread out."

She also talked to Ellen about that time she went running down the street wearing nothing but a bra, underwear and Uggs. Brave woman, that Octavia.