With This 'Shape Of Water' Clip, You'll Fall For Octavia Spencer In 60 Seconds

Spencer and Sally Hawkins play 1960s janitors in Guillermo del Toro's wonderful new movie.

They don’t make scene-stealers like Octavia Spencer.

In “The Shape of Water,” the Oscar-winning actress plays a loquacious custodian at a government-run research facility in 1960s Baltimore. The character, named Zelda Fuller, works closely with a mute woman (Sally Hawkins) whose lack of speech isolates her from most of the world. In other words, Spencer has to do the talking for both of them ― a tall order once Hawkins’ character, Elisa, becomes enamored with a mysterious creature corralled in the laboratory by their wicked boss (Michael Shannon).

In the above clip, exclusive to HuffPost, you can see why Spencer nearly walks away with the entire movie. The video offers a snapshot of the monotonous lives Zelda and Elisa lead before the government’s aquatic monster gives them a jolt of adrenaline. (You’ll hear Spencer grumbling about her good-for-nothing husband, Bruce, followed by her signature chortle.) 

Directed by Guillermo del Toro, “The Shape of Water” expands into theaters nationwide in December, making it a prime player in the Oscar derby.



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