LGBT History Month: 3 Queer Events On October 5

Know Your LGBT History: Three Queer Events That Happened On October 5

In conjunction with the celebration of October as LGBT History Month, The Huffington Post will be providing you with "Know Your LGBT History" updates! Check back throughout the month for a brief overview of some of the landmark moments throughout the course of our journey as LGBT and queer-identifying individuals.

1513: Spanish conquistador Vasco Nunez de Balboa discovered a colony of individuals that he described as "cross-dressing males." It is widely speculated that he slaughtered them all.

vasco nunez de balboa

1969: One of the first LGBT news publications in the United States, The Washington Blade, released its first issue. Still actively in publication today, editors originally titled the paper The Gay Blade and distributed it to members of the LGBT community in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. (h/t Quist)

the washington blade

1998: United States Congress killed a bill by House Representative Frank Riggs (R-CA) that unfairly targeted LGBT Californians. The bill would have prohibited San Francisco from using federal housing funds to implement an ordinance that would protect individuals living with domestic partners.

frank riggs

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