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LGBT History Month: 5 Queer Events On October 7

In conjunction with the celebration of October as LGBT History Month, The Huffington Post will be providing you with "Know Your LGBT History" updates! Check back throughout the month for a brief overview of some of the landmark moments throughout the course of our journey as LGBT and queer-identifying individuals.

1728: Charles Genevieve Louise Auguste Andre Timothee d’Eon, also known as the Chevalier d'Éon, was born on this day in Burgundy, France. Embodying a complicated life and legacy, d'Éon performed in drag for the country's court ball and eventually became part of a network of spies for Louis XV -- oftentimes carrying out his missions while dressed as a woman. Having lived such an extensive part of his life as a woman, over time he came to be perceived entirely through this framework. It was only after he died that it was confirmed d'Éon was, in fact, biologically male.

louis xv

1964: Walter Jenkins, Lyndon B. Johnson's top aide, was arrested for having sex in the men's bathroom of his local YMCA just blocks from the White House. Married with a wife and children, Jenkins rocked both the Johnson administration and public perception with this high-visibility scandal.

walter jenkins

1976: Elton John came out as bisexual in an interview with "Rolling Stone" magazine. Though he now identifies as gay, his admission of bisexuality initially negatively impacted his career, with many fans calling him a pervert and boycotting the purchase of his albums.

elton john

1993: Annie on My Mind and All-American Boys, two books with predominately gay themes, were at the center of a public book burning in Kansas City, Missouri. The burning was initiated by a donation of the books to a large number of high schools in the area, resulting in their subsequent banning within several school districts. The novels would go on to become the subject of a First Amendment lawsuit two years later, culminating in the return of the books to school shelves.

book burning

1996: Following a conservative Christian majority takeover of the school board in Elizabethtown, Penn., in 1996, officials passed a "pro-family" resolution in regards to education, stating, "the traditional family is under relentless attack by those who want to redefine family to include homosexual and lesbian couples and by those who want to indoctrinate children in pro-homosexual propaganda against their parents' wishes.'' In protest, approximately 250 students simultaneously walked out of their classes on Oct. 7.

samesex family

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