'Wait, Is This Thing On?': There's No Such Thing As An October Surprise In Politics

WASHINGTON –- There's no such thing as an October surprise, according to the people whose job it would be to make such a thing happen.

In the latest segment of The Huffington Post's "Wait, Is This Thing On?" -- aka “Drinking and Talking” -- Eddie Vale, vice president of the Democratic opposition research firm American Bridge, and Tim Miller, executive director of the GOP opposition research firm America Rising, spilled some beans about the dark arts of the campaign world.

Speaking with Amanda Terkel of The Huffington Post and Margaret Talev of Bloomberg News, the discussion centered on how to define a candidate, how dirty presidential elections can get, and, unexpectedly “the dark underbelly” of Swedish politics.

Along the way, the operatives found consensus: The notion that a presidential campaign can be altered in its final stage by a news event -- the October surprise -- is pure fantasy.

Watch the video above.



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