Octomom Fraud Investigation: Nadya Suleman Under Investigation For Possible Welfare Fraud

Octomom could be facing time behind bars if a new investigation uncovers evidence that she committed welfare fraud.

TMZ reports that an unnamed person made a complaint to the Los Angeles County Department of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation claiming that Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, is collecting welfare benefits including food stamps, even though she made somewhere around $200,000 last year, through her porn video, stripping and other publicity jobs.

Under California law, Suleman and her 14 children can collect welfare if she makes less than $119,000 in a calendar year, but it's possible she made far more than that in 2012. If the WFP&I determines that the 37-year-old indeed committed fraud, she could be facing more than three years in prison, reports TMZ.

The investigation is already underway and the WFP&I has begun to interview those associated with Octomom.

"I can confirm that the authorities have been in contact with us concerning her income and we have been cooperating," a source close to Suleman told E! News on Wednesday.

In January, Suleman confirmed to The Huffington Post that despite her best efforts she was back on government assistance. But she hopes to be off it again soon.

"Going through recovery was an important step for me to take,” Suleman said, referring to her decision to enter rehab for Xanax addiction in October. “Although it set me back financially a little bit, it was worth it.”

After going on welfare in March 2012, Suleman said she was able to go off of welfare because she earned money from various appearances and her infamous masturbation video.

“My choice to go back on assistance is only a temporary one," she said. "At this time my family needs the medical, dental and food assistance because it is so expensive.”

Suleman is no stranger to drama, accusations or investigations. In the past few years, the mother of 14 has faced eviction from her home, was investigated for child abuse, and was accused of stealing an engagement ring.



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