Nadya Suleman On Set Of New Movie 'Millenium': Exclusive Photos

Octomom Nadya Suleman has finally found a job to help pay for all those children. She's currently filming a new horror film, "Millennium," in which she plays the lead role -- and only we can show you the first pictures from the set.

“Nadya is taking this new job very seriously,” an insider tells me. “She comes to the set every day prepared and ready to work hard. She knows she's not Meryl Streep but is doing very well and happy to be earning a paycheck to help cover her huge expenses.”

In the flick, Nadya's character Vanessa films a documentary on folklore and mystical occurrences for her thesis and enlists ladies' man, Brad, to help. But things take a turn for the worst when she wakes up one morning with what she thinks are bug bites on her stomach -- turns out, there's a demon child living inside her!

But a demon child isn't the only thing that Suleman got out of the role. Friends say she's also caught the acting bug! Keep your eyes peeled for "Millennium" in 2012.

Check out these other actors who are hard at work on-set:

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