'Octomom' Nadya Suleman Accused Of Stealing Engagement Ring

“Octomom” Nadya Suleman has come out swinging against "Celebrity Boxing" TV show founder Damon Feldman, who says he has filed a police report after Suleman did not return a diamond ring worth $7,500.

“It's a lie,” Nadya’s manager, Gina Rodriguez, tells The Huffington Post. “Nadya asked to get paid after she finished a pillow fight for Damon, he asked her and her friend that accompanied her on the trip, to meet him in his room and he would give her the money there."

"When her and her girlfriend arrived to the room, Damon opened the door let her in and dropped to his knee and conveniently had a photographer snapping pictures of it quickly. The 'ring' he is talking about was fake and did not fit on her finger.”

Rodriguez says neither Nadya nor anyone on her team had agreed that the famous mom would do any publicity surrounding the event, and it was decided Nadya would no longer do any business with Damon.

“He continually tries to keep himself in the press by using my client's name and making false statements," says Rodriguez.
"We hope he does file a civil suit because we have the texts and emails arguing with Damon over the stunt that we were not aware of. Damon has never reached out to me or Nadya since we severed the relationship in July. Nothing this man says is true and Nadya never left with the ring he tried to put on her. The ring was probably a $5 ring. Just a couple weeks ago he was promoting Octomom to fight Tan Mom and none of that was true either. He is just press hungry because he has zero going on.”



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