Octomom Nadya Suleman Strips For $5,000 At Florida Nightclub

Octomom Strips For $5,000 To Pay Off Her Bills

The Octomom saga continues ... to get more ridiculous.

In an event dubbed "The Final Humiliation," Nadya Suleman stripped topless for $5,000 at a club in Florida on Friday night.

About 400 customers showed up to see Suleman strip down to her panties to the sounds of Rihanna at West Park's Playhouse Gentlemen's Club, reports the Daily Mail.

The mother of 14 wore a naughty schoolgirl outfit, along with pigtails and a dominatrix outfit for the show, reports the New York Daily News.

Suleman is being sued by the owner of a rival strip club -- T's Lounge in West Palm Beach -- who claims that she promised to perform exclusively at his establishment.

Fellow strippers weren't very kind, although they appreciated the crowds. “She’s really stiff,” one told the Miami Herald. “Oh my God, she can’t dance. But it’s good for the rest of us girls because she made it a busy Friday night…”

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