OCTOPUS JAILBREAK: Octopus Dismantles Part Of Own Tank

You can't question a California two-spot octopus.

So I don't know if it was a mollusk jailbreak attempt or just octovandalism, but this is a pretty great story from the LA Times:

It's not surprising that with eight arms and inquisitive nature, the two-spotted octopus is pretty handy around its tank at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.

Still, those reporting for work Thursday at the popular beachfront attraction were caught by surprise when they were greeted by water lapping around the kelp forest display, the shark and ray tank and the rocky reef exhibit.

The guest of honor in the aquarium's Kids' Corner octopus tank had swum to the top of the enclosure and disassembled the recycling system's valve, flooding the place with some 200 gallons of seawater.

Some workers want to call "Flo" because of the massive amount of water she let loose. And if that was her aim, then shame on her. But if she was trying to make a run for it, then I salute her with this Thin Lizzy video: