Resourceful Octopus Escapes Shark By Using Armor Made Of Shells

Shell yeah!

“Blue Planet II” aired an episode on Sunday in the U.K. that featured incredible footage of one resourceful octopus.

In a GIF that BBC Earth tweeted on Sunday, an octopus ― which had apparently built a suit of armor out of shells ― evades a hungry pyjama shark trying to eat it.

Footage of the clever trick received some time on the front page of Reddit on Monday.

Folks on Twitter were also pretty impressed by the crafty sea creature.

If that wasn’t cool enough, BBC Earth posted another one of the octopus’ slick survival tactics. In this GIF, it can be seen sticking its tentacles into the shark’s gills, making it difficult for the predator to breathe.

Octopus for president 2020! 

“Blue Planet II” will premiere on BBC America in early 2018.

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