Octuplets' Mother Has Six Older Children Already (VIDEO)

The mother in California who gave birth to eight babies on Monday has six children already, CBS news discovered. Today on the Early Show, a segment on the now-doubled family aired. They took cameras to the home and neighborhood where the mom lives in a house with her parents, four older sons and two older daughters. Below the video is the transcript.



An update now on those octuplets born Monday in Los Angeles. They're doing

well, but when they go home in a couple of months, it will be to a really full

house. EARLY SHOW national correspondent Hattie Kauffman explains.


CBS News has learned the mother who gave birth to octuplets has six other


Unidentified Man: She lives over there. She's got six kids already.

KAUFFMAN: An acquaintance who didn't want to be identified says the mom has

four older boys and two girls.

Unidentified Woman: She is young, fairly young and she has six children


KAUFFMAN: She already has six children.

Woman: Yes.

KAUFFMAN: So that makes six plus eight is 14.

Woman: Correct. Yes. And in those six children she has a set of twins.

KAUFFMAN: While the hospital has not confirmed that the mom used fertility

drugs, there are no documented cases of naturally conceived octuplets.

Doctors say the babies, born Monday, are all breathing on their own, but the

babies are all under four pounds and are expected to remain in the hospital

for weeks.

The woman and her children live on this cul de sac, with her parents. We

knocked on the door and a man confirmed he's the grandfather of the octuplets,

but he refused to speak to us.

From what you know of this family and this household, do you think that

they'll be able to support 14 kids?

Woman: Well, so far they've been fine with the six they have. Fourteen, I

don't know.

KAUFFMAN: They'll be living in this neighborhood where homes have just two or

three bedrooms. It'll be tight. Hattie Kauffman, CBS News, near Los Angeles.

MITCHELL: It'll be tight. That's the line of the day.

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Tight and tense, maybe. That's a lot of people.

SMITH: I'm the youngest of eight. Eight is a lot.

CHEN: You're the youngest of eight.