Octuplets Unveiled, Mom Defends Decision, Grandmother Calls Unconscionable (VIDEO)

Octuplets Unveiled, Mom Defends Decision, Grandmother Calls Unconscionable (VIDEO)

Part two of Ann Curry's exclusive with Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets two weeks weeks ago, aired Monday. In addition to talking about her relationship with the babies' father, Suleman toured the neonatal unit and introduced her babies, with names like Noah and Malia, to the world. Scroll down for that video.

Nadya said the biological father, "didn't know what to say. He needs time... He expressed desire to know the six kids" before the most recent eight were born. She added they talk a couple times a year and she calls him "a friend."

Meanwhile her mother, the grandmother, gave an interview slamming her daughters decision, calling her unconscionable, and also gave a tour of the cramped, messy home.

[She] said daughter Nadya Suleman, 33 and single, has "no means to support" fourteen children.

Angela Suleman said that she's been housing and supporting her daughter Nadya and her six grandchildren by a previous in vitro fertilization procedure in a "cramped" apartment for years.

Suleman said that her daughter "spent a lot of money on toys," but never contributed rent or food money and failed to tell her mother about more than $167,000 that records show she received from worker's compensation claims.

Video of the home here or scroll down.