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OCTV Presents: The Hat Trick Turn Up

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Earlier this week, as a Jamaica-bound J/Z train lurched above ground and into the winter sun, two male dancers began to perform in a subway car. If you've taken public transit, you may have seen a similar set-up -- the flexin (Brooklyn), the b-boyin (NYC), the krumpin (LA), the turfin (Oakland), the jookin (Memphis) -- or perhaps a freestyle appropriation of all these. You recognize it by the flashy, turbo-charged case of showmanship, accessorized by a boom box and a flat-brim, in and out with the closing doors and the jangle of change.

The only difference is that this duo, Showoff, 24, ("the nickname is pretty self-explanatory," he deadpans) and Dre, 23, aren't kids without agenda. Both are professional flex dancers first, and friends second, having met at a past Battlefest.

"Everything is dance; it's my form of self-expression," Dre says. "We call it 'mind-labbin.' Even when I'm not dancing, I use my imagination and make up dance moves in my head, and then go home and try 'em out. It's where the best moves come from."

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