Odd Future On Using 'Faggot' In Their Rhymes: 'It All Comes Down To Context'

The men of the hip-hop collective Odd Future stopped by HuffPost Live this week and spoke out about their controversial use of "faggot" in their rhymes.

Tyler, the Creator said the group doesn't intend for their use of the word to be interpreted as homophobic, noting, "What a crazy world it would be in which we were the evolved ones?"

He went on to note, "In an ideal world, we'd be able to explain it and it's all good. There has to be a category for everything, so us saying 'faggot' has to be homophobia."

He then concluded, "It all comes down to context."

Nonetheless, the group has been criticized for their word choice in the past. In 2011, GLAAD vowed to "monitor his lyrics more closely," noting that "using hateful language, regardless of the context, is unacceptable and in fact, very serious," according to NME.

“Well, I have gay fans and they don’t really take it offensive, so I don’t know. If it offends you, it offends you,” Tyler told MTV News that same year. “Some people might take it the other way; I personally don’t give a sh*t.”

The men are currently promoting the third season of their Adult Swim show, “Loiter Squad,” which debuts May 15.



Hip Hop And Homosexuality