The Mother Lode

I am thirty-five, single, and I have no children. The closest thing to a child that I have is my incredibly adorable dog whom I love to dote on. I make this confession because even with this fully disclosed, I find myself strangely connected and drawn to Bravo's new family-centric scripted series Odd Mom Out. I will admit that when I first saw the commercials for the show I was not exactly wowed or instantly compelled to watch. But as I tune in to more and more episodes, I often find myself laughing, smiling, and even commiserating with the lead character Jill over all of her every day struggles. It may seem odd that a single woman, let alone one with no children, could relate to a show about a mom who is in over her head with juggling her family, friendships, and sanity, but somehow it actually makes sense through all of the humor, insecurities, and utterly complete chaos.

Odd Mom Out is just like Sex and the City, but for mommies. It's a ten episode series that stars Jill Kargman playing a pragmatic woman named Jill Weber who has to navigate her way through the hard knock elitism of New York's Upper East Side and all of the formed obscenely wealthy mommy cliques that dwell within. Jill is not your average mommy! She is quirky, strong, and always phenomenally resilient. She and her husband Andy (Andy Buckley) have three kids whom they raise throwing underwear dance parties, asking questions, and more. Jill's best friend and often babysitter is Vanessa Wrigley (KK Glick) and at times it's like the two share one off the beaten path personality and wit. When Jill isn't battling the high heeled jungle of the Upper East Side she is butting heads with Andy's blue blood family who tries to get Jill to assimilate much to her chagrin. Jill goes to great lengths in order to resist and not succumb to all of the temptations, whims, and temper tantrums that come along with having class and wealth. Though it seems at every crossing a battle befalls Jill whether it's changing (as in upgrading) their last name, diets, daycare, seven hour dinners, scheduled sex with her husband or interviewing for a family burial plot. Prestige comes with a very high price, both your soul and your sanity. Nothing in life comes cheap.

Jill does as good a job as anyone can with her constant family battle wounds and staying as true to herself as she can. But with in-laws who double as frenemies, sometimes the wounds cut deep and resisting the urge to give in becomes even harder. The matriarch of the family Candace (Joanna Cassidy) is quite demanding. She is both status and self obsessed and this exacerbates Jill's pressure to conform and assimilate. Then there is brother-in-law Lex (Sean Kleier) and wife Brooke (Abby Elliott) who rule atop their own self appointed thrones as the upper crust of the Upper East Side. Their hearts aren't as platinum as their credit cards. Then again, who needs enemies when you have family?

Jill Weber is all about her family at heart, which she wears on her sleeve, but she won't be a pushover no matter how the deck has been stacked against her. Whether it is trying to overly please the principal of her kids school or her nails on a chalkboard mother-in-law, Jill is kind of a cockeyed optimist, but she does it all with pure unadulterated panache! Sexy, sweet, provocative, and all out hilarious, Odd Mom Out will tickle your funny bone and have you laughing out loud. Kargman's timing is impeccable and she has the innate ability to make you empathise with her almost instantaneously. Kargman and Buckley put a new twist on family dynamics, not your average parentals, they are all about the freedom of expression. Elliott's character Brooke isn't your classic mean girl either, she's more like the cruel to be kind as in she thinks she has the best intentions. Brooke always has a cause to support and lend a hand or two to take over. One of the best parts of the show is Kargman's and Glick's characters friendship goal levels. They practically call one another daily and commiserate over their daily struggles, sex lives, and mommy mean girls as well enable all of the over the top and outrageous hijinx that is always ensuing.

Odd Mom Out will be the fix you crave for out of the box adult centred humor. It's infectious and Jill's in over her head constant struggles and calamity will keep you in hysterics and give you plenty to gab about with your single or married friends! Whether you are a parent or as single as they come, you can find the trials and tribulations of even the bluest blood family hilarious but also poignant. Tuning into Bravo for Odd Mom Out will have you cheering bravo! They say that money can't buy you happiness, but on the Upper East Side, everything is for sale, including your soul.