Ode To The Unsung Mothers

Ode To The Unsung Mothers
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With Mother’s Day approaching, there will be a lot of celebratory posts, blogs and articles highlighting the bliss of motherhood. From the trending baby showers to the favorite gifts given to moms, it’s a huge joyfest, as it should be. However, not every mom is fortunate to have those experiences. And these are the moms and unsung heroes of their families that I would like to address on this Mother’s Day.

After Jimmy Kimmel’s wife Molly gave birth to their second child, they had the horror of realizing that their baby had a serious heart issue. The baby being born with that and in the days to follow, they weren’t sure whether their child was going to make it or not. There are new moms that you never hear about who are going through similar health crises with their children. Also, there are women who are getting divorced during pregnancy or right after having their child. Many of these moms don’t have help or any type of support.

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of visiting nine military bases across the country over the course of months. I had taken this time out from my work because I realized that you have young moms and moms-to-be living on base. While they do have support from the military, I felt they needed someone who would come in with warmth that they miss from home along with my wisdom and experiences as a childcare expert. They live on bases far away from their families and their spouses are often overseas. These women have multiple newborns and what do they do? They step up and take care of their family the best way possible. When it is just you, fear looks at you in the face when you are put into those types of situations. These military moms are unsung heroes. With no experience and through trial and error, they come out the other side stronger because of their determination to be the best mom they can be.

Not forgetting the single moms who are total magicians as they work with minimal amounts of money to put food on the table, clothe their children, shelter them and still have change to take the bus. These moms help to put the “h” in hero because they suffer in silence with a smile on their face. I have lived around those moms and have been one of them. And I know firsthand the struggles.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this year, let’s not forget your neighbors who could use a flower, card or some kind gesture to wish them a happy holiday because it makes them feel loved.

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