Ode to Words

ode to words a-z

a. aboulomania

pathological indecisiveness

kid that's us

on the warpath in the way of trust

(this is an ode to your frontal lobe, to the end of lust)

b. baisemain

kiss on the hand

some things just have to do

the knuckles blue, the sweat of my palm, the enamored wristbone

i 've had them all beneath my lips

(this is an ode to the straight cliff drop of your hips)

c. cacaesthesia

a morbid sensation

i get it when people look me up head to toe. gauche devils


i don't know the difference between a clock and a mirror, do you?

(this is an ode to the rearview glass i look at you through)

d. dysteleology

study of purposeless organs, the doctrine of purposelessness

the doctor of a purposeless organ has purpose as only a father

try harder through the stethoscope

doctor works from nine to five with purpose to find the purpose of a purposeless organ

he returns home and eats liver for dinner

(this is an ode to the purposelessness of you getting thinner)

e. ecdemomania

abnormal compulsion for wandering

back to you

foulmouthed sailor in the cultivated soil of your cultivated degree

finding yourself miles from the ocean

wayward wanderer

disciple of the distinguished and

friend of the fiend, wander backwards

i would like to go with you into salt waters

or into sun-bleached washed-out white-washed bed-sheets

to wander into a fresh place with you

ecdemomanic dove

(this is an ode to my ludicrous love)

f. feak

lock of hair

charming the side of your face

i would like to exhaust you as you have exhausted me, not into a sleep

but out of my skin

locked in my skin, as with your hair

(this is an ode to the hollow of your stare)

g. gammicism

inability to pronounce the letters 'g' and 'k'


inability to pronounce the name of your affliction

in forbidding irony

for you looking through the kaleidoscope in nameless enchantment

is the futility of marriage to the kid you never could say you were

you can hear about glory and the color gray

but they've got a gelatinous grip on your tongue

my kitten

are you able to get a kick out of this absurdity?

you could be a knight (tell me how you feel such victory over that word!)

but a king residing, alas over none but the clueless

groping for words in the dark before you keel over

(this is an ode to the last lover)

h. halation

blurring in a photograph due to light reflection

upon things you cannot take back

consider heavy reflection

consider the shadows of your reflection

consider the photograph, blurred on purpose

consider the purpose of the photograph

as you would

go on to the fixer

I'll wind the film

it looks as if you are about to have a stroke

(this is an ode to the cigarette you'd like to smoke)

i. iceblink

glare in the sky caused by light reflected off ice

one iceblink into madness

pregnant with an arctic sun, aborted by the righteous heat of winter

accept lowly sabotage as payment, this child will decompose into summer

as your American tongue wreaks havoc up my thigh

(this is an ode to the maple syrup in your sigh)

j. janiform

having two faces

the impossible mythical offspring of

a human, and myself

she lives in starry-eyed deformity

the stars that found their origin in your pelvis

there's you, and you

beside you sits you, on your lap sits you

i walk into the bedroom on you and you

the incestuous affair of you and yourself strips me of jealousy

forces me to leave the city

begging forgiveness in terms of you and you

(this is an ode to you on a gradient, my midnight blue)

k. kef

a state of dreamy, drug induced repose

see; the monkey

out of the cage you ape

the metro is for parabolic romantic phrases-

the subway is for bedroom slurs situated in full sentences

you get high underground

heads knock milky shoulders

body parts collide in horrible intimacy

desperate skin

reveling in a stranger's sweat is a new feeling

a slippery and sad indulgence

you're too high to catch the embarrassment in the cheap wine

of this first date

(this is an ode to the mess in which I wait)

l. labrose

thick lipped

so you trip all thumbs on your words all-lip

maladroit dialect of the ex-sorority girl

she wished for her virginity back

i think that is absolutely boring but

i flick the switch on an electronic candle for her nonetheless

"dear god, let her take it back, oh please god. Let them have a redo so they can fuck with pride on an orthopedic bed of rose petals, oh lord do you remember your first time?"

i will never understand people like this, so i cross my fingers for them

in the labor of the night

I've had no misgivings

(this is an ode to how you really taught me about living)

m. macrography

viewing something with the naked eye

can only be done (for me)

on Sunday mornings (if i wake up alone, please pray for me)

and i am wearing a white t-shirt (that's too big for me)

and i wake up with a song already stuck in my head (that's good for me)

or i wake up because i am in the mood for French toast (it's sweet for me)

also i must take my temperature, and if it is exactly 98.6 then

for a moment i will remove the rose colored glass from my window

to see you standing outside my window

to have mistaken you for my own reflection

what a buzz kill

(this is an ode to how i took you as a pill)

n. narcohypnia

numbness experienced upon wakening

if under the impression

you are meant to waken with senses in tact, what a nonsensical misgiving

here now

remember the meadow of forget-me-nots

the strangeness of saliva

yawn cinematically and exhale your Novocain breath

(this is an ode to how you made me feel like death)

o. oblivescence


i would rather not

high and dirty

long last

(this is an ode to the past)

p. paedarchy

government by children

in twos and threes

the dimorphic children

give way to dysmoprhic adolescents

civil war

coffee and cigarettes

give way to the plague

adultism, the didactic epidemic

the diabolical experiment

planetless children make up words in the absence of water

this language you wont understand

(this is an ode to the years before you took my hand)

q. quarender

dark red apple

as my unbearably poisonous friend

you must curtail the flames of your affection

i want placid embers

and to know how many people you have slept with since december seventeenth

thank god I'm hypocritical and your love hypnotic

(or else we both might see each other for what we are)

and do we want that?

(this is an ode to your allergy to cats)

r. rabelaisian

coarsely hilarious


your own convinced novelty

or your own vexation at morality

don't think I've forgotten, little wolf

(this is an ode to the asinine heart you engulfed)

s. sarcophilous

fond of flesh

not strangely so

performing surgery in the garden

today is perfect

honeybees are quite attracted

I've studied hard for this surgery because i am so fond of you

your grandfather drinks earl gray at the operating table

he too is so fond of you

your grandmother however, is not so fond of you

which is unfortunate because she has asked to perform the surgery

and despite my fondness of you, in order to make a point of spiting reason

I've said yes

(this is an ode to which I confess)

t. temporicide

killing time

each millisecond I hold what I think

is a funeral for time

i stand at an altar and say to time

in no time at all, i can only kill you as i speak

in due time there will be time, but what futility is this


how boring to die in vain

(this is an ode to the ego you feign)

u. urimancy

divination by observing urine

simply a pause to acknowledge that there is a word for this

(this is an ode to words you took amiss)

v. vagility

ability to succeed in the struggle for existence

i believe this is in fact

a made-up word

attempt to define first, what exactly is success

sorry to be crass but forget vagility

(this is an ode to the way you undress)

w. waygone

exhaustion from long travels

by the way-

since you've been gone-

I've lost my way-

my compass is gone

I've written something terrible there

but you reminded me we are not star-crossed lovers and the way you said it

so deliciously vacant

made my heart throb with devotion

(this is an ode to you as an ocean)

x. y. z. (xanthocomic young zelotype)

yellow-haired youthful person, zealous to the point of morbidity

do you see the beautiful absurdity of it?

the absolute infiniteness of what three words could be

my intrinsic vice

my love

this is an ode to the words you gave me.