Odin Biron Comes Out: American-Born Actor On Russian TV Says He's Gay

The American-born star of a hit Russian series is risking his television career by coming out as gay.

Odin Biron, 30, who stars in the sitcom "Interny" (or "Interns"), opens up about his sexuality for the first time in an interview with New York Magazine.

“I’ve never lied,” Biron, who was born in Minnesota and says he has been dating a Kazakhstani film director for about a year, tells New York's Charly Wilder. “Journalists ask, ‘What do you think of Russian women?’ ‘Well, Russian women are beautiful.’ ‘Do you have a girlfriend right now?’ ‘No, I don’t.’ ”

A photo of the actor as seen on Twitter.

Interestingly, as the publication points out, sexuality is "a running theme" on "Interny," which features medical themes not unlike "Scrubs." Biron's character, Phil, even has two gay dads. In one scene, Phil reportedly jokes, “I hope it will not bother you that my parents are homosexuals” as a male patient removes his shirt, according to New York Magazine.

Although the repercussions of Biron's daring announcement remain to be seen, one of the actor's co-stars has already expressed his disapproval.

Earlier this week, Ivan Okhlobystin tweeted that he was "cursing fate" after "learning that his friend Odin is a Sodomite," according to NBC News.

"Some things are better not known," Okhlobystin, who has been an outspoken opponent of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, wrote. "Lord preserve us from this devilry."

The remarks aren't particularly surprising given Okhlobystin's history. In 2013, he made headlines after arguing that Russia should have gays "stuffed alive inside an oven," noting, "I don't want my children thinking that being a faggot is normal."

Russia's stance on its LGBT community has been the subject of global speculation for several years, with much of the media scrutiny focused on how the nation's controversial "gay propaganda" laws would impact foreign athletes participating in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Cher, Madonna and Elton John are just three of the top celebrities who have spoken out against the legislation.



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