Lawrence O'Donnell Goes After Beck's Religious Beliefs Again (VIDEO)

Lawrence O'Donnell escalated the feud between himself and Glenn Beck, saying that he has "gotten to Beck as no one has before" and diving once more into the murky waters of his and Beck's religious beliefs.

O'Donnell and Beck have been trading attacks ever since O'Donnell took Beck to task last week for wondering if the Japanese earthquake was a sign that the apocalypse is coming. While doing so, O'Donnell called the Book of Revelation, which Beck cited in his statements about the earthquake, a "book of fiction," and said that "no sane person believes the Bible in its entirety."

In response, Beck called MSNBC an "anti-God network" on three separate occasions in the past week. He also called O'Donnell "anti-God-fearing," but refused to say his name.

On his Tuesday show, O'Donnell responded once more. He said that Beck was avoiding saying his name because he was worried that people would be driven to his non-apocalyptic message, and because he had "gotten to Beck as no one has before" because he has been willing to go after the Fox News host's religious beliefs. O'Donnell then turned to those beliefs, repeating his charge that modern Christianity has evolved to cast aside those parts of the Bible that do not conform to current values—and that Beck is not telling the truth if he claims to take the whole book literally.

Finally, O'Donnell wondered whether Beck would be able to choose between the "businessman side" of himself which didn't want to mention O'Donnell, or the "religious fanatic" side which did.

"Knowing what I know about Beck, his money and his religion, I'm betting on the businessman to win," he said.


Beck seemingly chose another way to decide whether or not to mention O'Donnell: he polled the readers of his website, The Blaze. To vote in the poll, click here.