O'Donnell Chides Obama White House For Restricting Boston Herald (VIDEO)

Lawrence O'Donnell chided the White House for banning the Boston Herald from a Boston fundraising event held by President Obama due to an unflattering front page the paper ran in March.

In an email, a White House spokesman told the conservative newspaper that, by running an op-ed by Mitt Romney headlined "Why He's Failing" on its front page, the Herald had incurred the wrath of the administration and could not send a reporter to the event. Romney was one of many to come to the paper's defense on Wednesday.

On his Wednesday show, O'Donnell sounded the same notes. Essentially, he told the White House to grow up.

"The Boston Herald doesn't like you," he said. "Get used to it." ODonnell pointed out that the Herald hardly spoke for a majority of deep-blue Massachusetts, and that it has gone after Democrats for ages.

"You should have seen what they did to Teddy Kennedy," he said. "Teddy was always tough enough and good-natured enough to take it."

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