New Odor-Blocking Jeans Are The Answer To Our Lazy Person Dreams

As if we needed another reason to quit washing our jeans, DL1961 Premium Denim just gave us another one: an odor-resistant treatment.

Yes, you read that right. The brand's new line of Intelligent Denim is made with Silvadur, a microbal control technology that prevents bacteria (and the odors that come with it) from growing.

In other words, you can wear your jeans to work every single day, to the dive bar every weekend, heck, you could probably roll around in a big pile of garbage if you really wanted to. No smell = no washing = no stiff denim for you. It's clear the brand, who also offers a line made with lightweight, breathable materials (to make summer denim more bearable,) caters to comfort (and OK, perhaps laziness, too.)



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