Of Course Calvin Harris Didn't Thank Taylor Swift During His VMAs Acceptance Speech

Did you really think he'd give her the satisfaction?

The days of #CalTay are over and they will never, ever, ever be back again. 

On Sunday night, Calvin Harris took home the award for Best Male Video for “This Is What You Came For” at the MTV Video Music Awards. Since he wasn’t at the actual show, the Scottish DJ pre-taped his acceptance speech, which was played for the crowd at Madison Square Garden in New York. 

During his speech, Harris made sure to thank “superstar” Rihanna, who lent her vocals to the dance track, and the video’s director, Emil Nava, whom he called “a legend.” Of course, he also thanked his fans and all the people who watched the video.

The one person who didn’t get a shoutout, however, was Harris’ ex, Taylor Swift, who also happens to be the song’s co-writer.

It was revealed last month that Swift wrote the song’s lyrics and even sang on the track. Initially, she had done so under the pseudonym Nils Sjöberg, but after Harris told everyone she worked on the song, her reps confirmed the news. Twitter rants were written and plenty of shade was thrown throughout the revelation.

But we digress ― did anyone really think Harris would give Swift the satisfaction of a name-drop on national TV, especially after the public watched their relationship explode? Didn’t think so. 

Thanks MTV!

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