Of Course Women Are Angry

Of Course I’m Angry This Week
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You may have noticed women are seriously pissed off.

I just watched a video that was over five minutes long, a timeline going back to the ‘80s showing faces and quotes from women in Hollywood who were harassed, degraded and put in unthinkable impossible situations.

It’s been a full week of opening the news every morning and being slapped in the face with more women coming forward. More inexcusable incidents. A disgusting audio tape that makes me so uncomfortable I can’t sit still. More “me too’s.”

Again. Just like the pussy grab felt around the world.

And I’m angry.

I’m angry because of the stranger who told me “you’d be so much prettier if you smiled” on my lunch hour.

I’m angry because I had to boycott Twitter on Friday.

I’m angry because this week I had a panic attack misreading someone’s name on an email, thinking there was something from that person years ago I couldn’t fight off.

I’m angry because of those times I got talked into things.

Because of all those times men said “just kidding” to me after doing something inappropriate.

I’m angry that so many friends are suffering from PTSD.

I’m angry because these feelings have come up for us again.

Things that make my stomach feel like a falling elevator.

I’m angry that as a society we can brush things off saying “that’s just the ways he is” and accept that.

I’m real angry that the world feels so backward and gross first thing in the morning.

Let us be angry. Try and understand why we are pissed off. Or “grumpy.” We have been dealing with this for a long time.

And please don’t tell us to smile.

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